With a minimum annual donation of $550, Voting Members are eligible to vote on grants, serve on the Guiding Circle or Grants Subcommittee and volunteer for service programs.


With a minimum annual donation of $50 to our administrative fund, Donor Members may volunteer for service programs and are highly valued  for their time and talents.


Every member’s skills, experience, passions and insights are important.

If you have an idea for a new

initiative or service program,

you are encouraged to share it! 


Do I have to live in Northern Virginia to be a member?

No, but all of our grants are awarded to nonprofits that serve people in Northern VA.

If I contribute more than the minimum, can I qualify for another vote?

No. Every Voting Member has one vote.

What can I expect when I join the Giving Circle of HOPE?

When you become a member, you will receive an email confirmation of your application and a welcome letter.  Our Membership Chair will then assign you a Member Buddy who will be your liaison to the organization and will answer any questions you might have.  You will also begin receiving periodic email announcements and invitations to meetings and events. When you attend a GCH event, expect to meet a group of warm and passionate people!

When is my contribution due and is it tax deductible?

Contributions must be received by June 30, 2020 to qualify for this year's voting and are fully tax deductible.

Is the only option an annual donation?

No, options exist for automatic monthly or quarterly donations as well. Giving monthly or quarterly allows you to contribute throughout the year. It also gives us a better sense of the number of grants we will be able to support earlier in the grant review process.

May I contribute stock as part or all of my contribution?

Yes. Please contact our Chair, Finance for more information.

May I be a member if I am on the board or an Executive Director of a nonprofit?

Yes. We appreciate the experience and insight that members bring from the nonprofit community.

What time commitment is required?

No time commitment is required but we encourage members to get involved. Some members simply write a check and vote on grants once a year; others regularly serve on committees or volunteer with service programs.

Why is the Giving Circle of HOPE affiliated with the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia?

As a component fund of the CFNV, we automatically have tax-exempt status, insurance, and a partner with a similar mission. The CFNV’s resources allow us to concentrate on giving grants, providing service, and building community and not worry about IRS reporting and administrative details. The CFNV also acts as our bank and our investment manager.