The Giving Circle of Hope welcomes you to our community of Givers!

With the challenges of the ongoing pandemic in mind, we have made some exciting changes for 2021! 

These changes will make it easier to join, attend meetings, and use our collective giving power to support Northern Virginia non-profits.

  • In January, GCH will move under the umbrella of the 100 Who Care Alliance, an alliance of more than 650 giving circle chapters

  • Using the Alliance’s model, GCH will host 4 quarterly meetings each year. These will initially be online, switching to a more social, in-person event as soon as it is safe to do so

  • GCH members will be asked to donate $400/ year ($100 per quarterly meeting)

  • At each meeting, several non-profits will be presented to the members in attendance. Members will vote, on the spot, to donate these funds to one of these organizations

  • Through the power of collective giving, 100 givers x $100 becomes a very meaningful contribution to small nonprofits who make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need!


Click below to learn how to become a member! 



Starting in 2021, we will meet in February, May, August, and November. Eventually, these will become in-person events, but for now, they will be online until we can safely gather. Members who have made a $100 quarterly donation may nominate eligible Northern Virginia nonprofits as potential grantees and present more information to the gathered membership at the beginning of each meeting. Voting will take place, on the spot (you must be present to vote), with the winner receiving the collective donations as a grant. Prior grantees will be asked to visit with us at our meetings to give updates on how they have used the grant.

2021 Meeting dates:

February 11

May 20

August 19

November 18



As a major fundraiser for Food for Others, the Giving Circle of HOPE has hosted the Empty Bowls event to raise awareness and provide community support. Guests enjoy an array of soups from area restaurants and take home a unique artisan keepsake bowl. The dedication of loyal volunteers and a strong commitment from artisans and local businesses has helped to evolve this fundraiser into a stand-out community event. Sadly, this event had to be cancelled for 2020 and is uncertain for 2021

book circle.png


Our book circle began in 2004 and members gather every 6-8 weeks to read and discuss books that teach us more about social issues and the people we serve. These evenings are always educational and fun.  No long-term commitment is necessary; come when you can.