How to Donate and Become a Member of the Giving Circle of Hope

1.  GET STARTED:  Click on the  button below to begin. 




This will take you to The Giving Circle of Hope's new membership and donation site (used by the100 Who Care Alliance, of which we are a component chapter) and hosted by a nonprofit organization called Grapevine, which handles both member donations and distributions of these donations directly to the nonprofit that members choose each quarter.


2.  REQUEST GCH MEMBERSHIP:  In the upper right corner of the new screen, you will see a note with a link that says "Sign up to join this community".  Click it to request membership status in the Giving Circle of Hope. 


You will see a series of screens.  The most important ones will be to check to ensure that your name and email address are correct.  By completing this information, you have requested entry into the Giving Circle of Hope's membership!


3.  CONFIRM MEMBERSHIP AND DONATION COMMITMENT:  Next, you will see a screen that says "Thank you for requesting to join the Giving Circle of Hope!".  From there, you can choose your donation amount and frequency.


The Giving Circle of Hope has established a standard donation amount of $100 per quarter.  The system automatically adds a $3 credit card processing fee for a total donation amount of $103, so that the selected nonprofits receive the full $100 donation from each member.  You can choose a higher donation amount as well.  We recommend choosing "quarterly" donations, but you can also choose to donate separately each quarter by selecting "One time".  


Once you've made these choices, click on "Subscribe" and you will see a new screen where you can enter your credit card information.  Grapevine automatically requests a 15% tip, but we recommend choosing "no tip" since they are funded in other ways. You may need to change your GCH registration name to match the name on your credit card. Enter your credit card information and zip code in the spaces provided.  We will automatically include you in future email distributions and list you as a member, unless you choose to uncheck the boxes near the bottom of the screen.  


To approve your donation commitment, click on "Complete Donation" at the bottom of the screen.   


4.  DONATION CONFIRMATION:  After clicking on "complete donation," you will see an acknowledgement screen saying "Thank you for your donation".  Shortly after your donation, the system will automatically send you an acknowledgement email from Grapevine confirming your donation The Giving Circle of Hope.